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School of Economics and Business Sarajevo (SEBS) is regional leader in providing distance learning in Higher education for the West Balkan countries. Since 2002 we provide e-learning way of education to our students and involve 6000 students that learn English language through e-learning platform and out of these there are 1200 students who are engaged in distance learning way of education.


Every year we are trying to improve our e-learning and distance learning programs and we think that We Collaborate is appropriate way to accomplish this. We can use it in two segments:

a)      For students to improve quality of distance learning program through real time classes (we are going to test this on one specific major); interactive language learning; student’s collaboration (synchrony communication for establishing the tasks: seminar papers, case studies, online tutorials and other online activities).

b)      For SEBS to bring external experts in certain field from Region or Worldwide to share their knowledge and to collaborate with our academic staff and students. This is also useful for promoting new activity of virtual paper presenting on our International conference (ICES).

Thank you for opportunity and considereation of our idea. Hope that is enough collaborative to you...

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Comment by Azra on August 6, 2011 at 3:50am

Are there any requirements if students want to join SEBS, and I`m interested about the diploma they get after finishing SEBS whether it will be recognized in foreign countries? thank you

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