We Collaborate as a timesaver for students in Polish public schools.



This is to share  my idea of how "We Collaborate" platform may help students to use their learning time better and more effectively.


I am an e-learning leader at my school where I teach English as a foreign language and having heard of "We collaborate" I am sure I know how to make it a useful tool to make a major breakthrough for many of my students.


At my school and I believe in many other Polish puiblic schools some students participate in out of school nation-wide contest. Then they are given a permission to skip some of the classes in order to better prepare to their contest. That gives them extra time and better opprtunity to use the resources outside school.


The disadvantage is that they miss some of the important  content provided during the regular classes."We collaborate" would be brilliant way for students to make up for the lesson they missed at school by giving them a chance to take part in on-line learning, whithout the need to show up at school. They will simply used their time resources better.


Another thing is that sometimes students get sick or because of their health conditions are given individual lesson provided by school teachers at home. That means that teacher have to het to the house of a students and teach them at their homes. This is almost always a source of discomfort since students are not always willing to expose their home life to teachers and teachers are required to travel to students' houses. "We collaboarate" wolud be in this matter indispensable tool helping both students, teachers and school management and surely made a change in the world of public schools.


Of course, using "We collaborate" by teachers who are not familiar with the idea of e-larning would demand some training but having dealt with that everybody would be more than happy to use their time better!


So, this is my idea on how to use the videoconferencing tool for making a change in education.

I wish myself good luck with that!:-)


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