This past year I scheduled several parent workshops after school and was greeted with a dismal turnout.  Last year I did these same sessions once per month and although the turnout was better and more consistent, I still felt like I wasn't reaching enough parents.  So, I decided I would offer an online session via a site such as Elluminate.  The ropes and barriers to getting this set up through my school board have been prohibitive.  In the end, I offered a real time email conversation.  Although I had one parent participate :( the level of the exchange between the two of us was encouraging.  This has led me to believe that monthly sessions on Elluminate - carefully planned and advertised to parents, with a well-defined focus for each session - would be better received and therefore more parents would participate.  In fact, when I first polled my parents about this possibility I received a very positive response.  So, my proposal is to use Elluminate with parents for monthly sessions that have a clear focus and purpose.  I will encourage all adult family members to participate, no matter where they may be physically located.  The idea of involving grandparents and aunts and uncles is a very exciting idea for me as I believe strongly in honoring the important role extended family members play in a child's life. I am hoping that this proposal will be met with a favorable result.  If you have any questions regarding this project, please feel free to ask me.  Any questions you may have will help me clarify my general and specific purposes for offering these webinars.

Thank you for this opportunity and for considering my proposal. 

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