United Nations of Youth (UNY) is a collaborative project committed to the ultimate goal of world peace. Every few months, UNY convenes via a Web conference to discuss international problems. UNY consists of various student delegations from member nations across the globe, as our core belief is that a youth driven movement can fix the problems of today not only logistically, but also by fostering a culture of cooperation and collaboration. These delegations are comprised of two students from schools around the world, with each school representing its own nation. 
An inaugural Web conference (via Elluminate) was held on April 18th (12PM GMT), and featured introductions of delegates from each school talking about their respective education problems. Future Web conferences will focus on global education problems. The rationale is two-fold: The first is that UNY delegations consist of students, and thus we must first act on the problems in our own backyards. The second is that inadequate education tends to be the underlying catalyst or cause of problems around the world, so resolving the problem of education may lead to solving other problems as well.  
Participants in the first Web Conference:
  • Illinois Math and Science Academy (US)

  • Ressun High School (Finland)

  • High School Affiliated with Renmin University of China (China)

  • Korea Science Academy (South Korea)

  • National Junior College (Singapore) 

A 50-seat Blackboard Collaborate room will enable this project to expand to over 40 new schools in the coming year.

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Comment by Mary Bepono on July 20, 2011 at 9:19pm
I'm excited. Our students at Excel Vision Education are familiar with both the Face to Face and Online debate forums. However, the Online version is a lot more practical given it's platform that transcends space & time. Way to go!  
Comment by James Gerry on July 20, 2011 at 11:29am


This is such a great project with so much potential for other students in other countries to get involved.  Two thumbs up!



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