TeleMedicine field to be reinforced using 'Blackboard Collaborate' tool

‘Unity in Diversity’ is the Mantra we can drive using ‘Blackboard Collaborate’ tool.

Tele-Medicine field can be focused using this tool. Healthcare domain in Advanced Countries have progressed to newer heights, concerned stakeholders need to leverage on this very fact and reinforce the existing Tele-medicine model, using the very powerful ‘Blackboard Collaborate’ tool.


Trying to explain using 3 W + 1 H Model:


What: ‘Blackboard Collaborate’ tool to facilitate and reinforce Telemedicine model


Where: Underdeveloped/Developing Nations


Why: 1) The gap between Advanced countries and Developing nations / Under developed nations is continuously on rise due to lack of basic Medical/Healthcare facilities.

2) Infrastructure setup required currently to facilitate Telemedicine facility at any centre needs huge capital investment and timely maintenance. Also, it has limitations from number of participants’ perspective. Currently it is focused on One-to-One mode of communicating

3) Mortality rate in such remote locations are on rise due to lack of awareness from Healthcare perspective

4) Addressing basic Healthcare related concerns plays a major role in progress of any nation

5) Up skilling of Doctors in such areas and keeping them updated with latest trends in Medical Science


How:  ‘Blackboard Collaborate’ tool would help reduce this gap by bridging the connection between Doctors in remote locations and Doctors in Advanced Nations. Using the tool, regular sessions can be arranged to update Doctors in remote locations with latest trends in Medical Sciences and also facilitating run-time Consulting and even minor Surgeries using the ‘Camera’ mode of the tool.


This initiative would certainly reinforce the Tele Medicine arm of Healthcare domain and reduce the mortality rate by spreading the right kind of awareness thereby contributing towards realization of ‘Smarter Planet’ concept

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