Dear Teacher and Students 

We are an English class of 30 students from the most 
beautiful and peaceful country in Africa, Ghana. We 
are an enthusiastic class interested in doing an 
intercultural collaboration with students from your 
school. We have heard much of your country and we are 
really interested in having friends from your school 
who can really tell us the facts. 

Our main aim of collaboration is: 
To enhance understanding among individuals of 
different culture, ethnic groups, religions, socio- 
economic levels and nations through our 

Our class has designed a number of projects which 
might interest your group: 
1. Just Outside Our Windows:  A Look at 
Communities Around the World 
We would like to share views of our communities with 
classrooms around the world, and exchange information 
about what makes each of our communities unique. 
2. Food and Culture - a Global, Collaborative 
Classrooms Project 
Topics related to Food and Culture are culinary arts, 
nutrition, school lunch programs, gardening, 
environmental studies, economics, clean water, 
hunger, childhood obesity and more. We will like to 
make videos to share on this project, cook books and 
recipes for exchanging. 
3. Magical Moments Around the World 
This is where students will describe a spectacular 
event or moment in their life. They would be required 
to share stories, pictures or videos of those great 
4. Music and you. 
We would like to make videos and share on the 
indigenous music of the student’s home country. 
Students will be required to make a video whilst 
playing instruments, singing or dancing. 
5. Help the kids 
This is humanitarian project where participating 
schools will engage in fundraising projects to help 
the needy people in a needy environment with books, 
computers and stationeries. 

Do you have some interesting ideas yourself? Our 
group will be happy engage in it. 
Please if your group is interested in our project   
kindly send your replies to the teacher. 

Contact us through 
Mr. King M. Attrams 
Learning Resource Assistant 
ATTN: Students Collaboration 
Good Shepherd Methodist Academy 
Takoradi, Ghana . 
Tel: 233-(0)24-484-00-58 
Hoping to hear from you soon. 

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Comment by Richard Close on September 7, 2012 at 2:16pm

Mr King

Great to see this post I have several things for you and perhaps a Flat Classroom project.

First we have "I am Africa. This is my story..." Ning student community with digital story telling curriculum that you and your students can Join.

We are also so vis webinar Community Development Digital Storytelling  with Christian schools in Uganda that you are welcome to join in on.

Third we will do session in the Global Education Conference that you can join in on.

Please email me at so we can share more information


Stay encouraged and let's save some lives,




Richard C Close

Servant - CEO

Chrysalis Campaign

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Cell: 860.248.5424


Chrysalis Web Site:

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