Steven and Jeanne begin internships (December 2011)

In addition to a formal education, work experience is an essential part of building a career. To this end, Steven Shyaka and his sister Jeanne Mutoni have obtained internships in their respective fields. Steven is working as a legal assistant in the Kigali-based law firm Rwigamba & Rugango Associates & Advocates, under the direction of Arthur Rugango and Molly Rwigamba. Jeanne is working as a accounting assistant for a rural health centre, Mareba Health Center, near Nyamata (her home village). 

Steven and Jeanne receive a stipend for their internship work, helping them support themselves as they complete their studies. They are being temporarily sponsored by a member of the TSO Executive, however, we expect to soon secure long-term funding from an outside source.

A special thanks goes to Mr. Gabo Wilson of SURF (Rwanda) for his efforts in helping coordinate Steven’s internship.

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