Service-Learning is an instructional approach that engages students while increasing academic achievement by providing rigor and relevance in the curriculum. It promotes cognitive, social-emotional, and experiential engagement in meaningful learning. Because young people are given an opportunity to make a difference through the knowledge and skills they are learning in school, service-learning gives them more motivation to learn, understanding of how to put their learning to good use, develops an ethic of efficacy, and gives them a sense of democracy in action.

In quality service-learning experiences, teachers guide students through a learning process that facilitates high academic performance and empowers them to enact genuine social change in their communities. Service-learning can transform our schools through systemic change by delivering a 21st century education resulting in a narrowing of the achievement gap and increased student engagement.

Sharing best practice is a powerful method of endearing schools and their communities to service-learning and one of the best ways to share these practices is through regular web-conferences using a Bb format. Learn and Serve Australia ,the peak antipodean organisation advocating for the eventual institutionalisation of service-learning across Australia, uses every means available, including Elluminate, to spread the message and gather support.

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