We are a small group of parents and educators developing a learning community out of a strong desire and passion to develop our children’s desire to learn. We are a supportive community focused on educational projects designed with lifelong learning in mind. We aim to connect the strengths of various educational approaches through collaboration between educators, parents, families, students and the community.
For the Last 6 months, this group of parents, educators and students have been working together to create a learning community that strives to support each other through a conscious balanced educational approach. The focus of this group is to create a learning environment that is truly collaborative in nature, while also providing various opportunities to balance multiple educational approaches to for our community. Collaboration efforts are aimed at reaching across traditional educator, parent and student boundaries to support a working partnership. In addition to reaching across these personal boundaries, we would use the Blackboard Collaborate room to reach across geographical boundaries and provide virtual opportunities to work in partnership towards creating and facilitating our learning community. The idea is to support group educational goals that facilitate and enhance individual achievement and passion. A Blackboard Classroom would be utilized to promote these ideas, as well as, provide a platform for collaborative meetings evaluating the current and future goals of the group as a whole, facilitating educator, learning coach and student parent lead e-learning classes/workshops, supporting in person group meetings/classes/and workshops, and communicating one-on-one communication between educators, students and learning coaches.
Our goal of education is to facilitate and hearten the natural desire to learn. We strive to put faith and trust into our educators, parents and students alike, that learning, exploring and experiencing education is a lifelong process that can be contoured as well as structured. Within the Saratoga Learning Community, we trust in the innate nature of humans to be curious and to desire to learn, therefore we focus on supporting, encouraging and facilitating that natural process. We strive to generate a culture of education within this learning community that upholds this idea. We believe we can support this culture through . . .
Sustainable Education – developing lifelong learners
Adaptive Education – supporting individualized education
Conceptual Education – focusing on learning concepts and how to apply them through active learning.
One of the strengths of our learning community truly unique and amazing is that all of the individuals bring to the table so many different aspects of education. For Example, some individuals are passionate about virtual learning, some are passionate about learning through nature, some are working hard to create a structured environment opportunity and others provide information on an unschooling approach. The fact that this group is more supportive in nature than directive, allows leaders to arise through passion in multiple areas. It supports educational choice by facilitating research, comprehension, and compilation of educational approaches that support individualized education collaboratively within the learning community.

Thank you for the opportunity to have access to a BB Collaborate room. Your consideration and comments are greatly appreciated as we continue this educational journey.

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Comment by Renee Skipper on July 22, 2011 at 5:42am
Saratoga Learning Community would be greatly enriched with the use of BB Collaborate!  We are a group of families across the state of Indiana.  Continuing to grow & learn new ways to encorporate technology into education.  Classrooms and texbooks no longer has to be the norm for learning!

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