Saratoga, a turning point in education

My husband and I are blessed to be a part of a group like Saratoga. We are looking forward to serving the community and helping to educate our youth with the gifts and talents we have been given. My husband, Todd Ballard, has a passion and desire to teach students to fall in love with literature. He has been doing so for years with kids of all ages. He makes it come alive for them. He is a gifted writer and easily encourages his students to flourish in their already existing capacity to write and express themselves creatively with few words. He also teaches a high school debate class that allows students to view both sides of a controversial issue that is relevant today, most for the first time. His debate class has been said to be a favorite by many. In addition, he will also be teaching an introduction to Japanese class as well. He has a fondness and a passion to share the Japanese culture, language, and script with learners of all ages for the first time. Todd is currently teaching students how to drive, and has been for the past 10 years. Drivers Ed is also a necessary class for students to feel comfortable, safe, and confident. He is great at that!


I will be offering several workshop courses to encourage kids and parents alike to fall in love with creating. We will learn to needle felt together and make pins, coasters, bows, head bands, bracelets, flowers, ornaments, it's endless. We will also be learning to conserve as well. Several of our workshops will be designed to encourage kids to think about practical/functional art that can be made by reusing and recycling material that we throw away each and every day. The items that we learn to create together will in turn be used as a project for them to start their own fundraiser program. It is our goal to help them see how the work of their hands can pay off, and the natural reward they will receive when they come together for a common purpose to accomplish something that matters to them and to the community. We will offer different group projects each 6 week session.


It is our desire to empower people to live a life of freedom and creativity. People need to be given permission to be creative anymore and we believe once you can tap into your creativity, it allows you to be free as well. Freedom and creativity establish an atmosphere that naturally allows you to fall in love with learning. We would love to allow kids the opportunity to interact with adults and learn together in real community. We would love to teach kids how to work the land, plant seeds, prepare food, and serve others the food they have cultivated from seed to plate. Their work will bring them joy, and serving is the only way to truly lead. We are looking forward to cultivating both leaders and change through Saratoga's learning community.

Thanks so much for this opportunity.

And thanks so much to all of those who are collaborating with us. This is going to be wonderful and our kids will be blessed!

We couldn't be more excited!

Allison and Todd Ballard

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