Positive Impact Network (PIN)- Networking to Impact

This innovation intends to bring together young people with different educational background and varying interest in each subject of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)-

The focus-

To empower them to facilitate focus groups in their local community that will contribute to accelerate a particular goal of the MDGs through awareness and education.

To inspire young people to initiate development projects and be the change they want to see in their society.

To promote inter-professional collaboration for societal impact.



By using this platform to provide mentorship and counselling through experts from my organisation (HACEY), and also provide them help on monitoring and evaluation of their activities.


The experience will go a long way to enhance the capacity of young people to implement sustainable development projects and also help them learn from their peers and experts in a way that promotes transparency, accountability and commitment to developing the society.


Where will this young people come from-

Nigeria (The most populated African country and also as a nation it is characterized with different challenges clearly represented by the MDGs).


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