These are the best of times and the worst of times.  Kids are yearning to learn what they believe is valuable, teachers are trying to interest them in what they are required to learn, and the times they are a changin'. 

In other parts of the world people are trying to live and to come up to the standards of the U.S. when, if they all did that, we would need another three planets. Times, they are a changin'.

Population is increasing.  The end of cheap oil is over as our new discoveries are all very expensive to get.  The climate is changing.  And countries are going bankrupt.  Times, they are a changin'.


What people everywhere are yearning for is how to live more sustainably.  I live in Alaska's only bioshelter and teach SKYPE classes, one class at a time, about how to compost, recycle your toilet waste, collect rain water, recycle your grey water, build giant composters, grow food with companion plants, build living fences, etc. 

If I had a 50 member Elluminate classroom, collaboration could begin on a world-wide scale.  We could offer collaboration from all over on how to live sustainably and build resilience.  Students find that interesting and valuable.  Permaculture could reach the classrooms of the world.  It could really make a difference for the planet. 


Please consider this idea for your contest.


Cindee Karns

AlaskanEcoEscape Permaculture Center

Eagle River, Alaska


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