Consult 4 Kids currently assists 40% of after school programs in California. Our goal is to not stop there. With in the next 7 years, we hope to effect the lives of 70 million youth and 10 million adults through our services. Eventually we will be giving away our services for free through advertising and sponsors.

Since the area in which we assist is so vast, having on training room to work with individuals in each region on how to use the training more effectively would be a huge help. Most program state and government funding have been cut, averaging 30% - 50% just last year. This takes away funding for staff development which is why Consult 4 Kids has stepped in and given over 70% off all of our services, discounting consultant services.

By having access to "Blackboard Collaborate" Consult 4 Kids can continue to reach its mission "Provide first-rate staff development for the after-school workforce which results in exemplary performance and the creation of high-quality after-school programs." in a effective and new state-of-the-art ways.

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Comment by Alexandra Reinken on July 26, 2011 at 3:37pm
I am QUITE excited to see Consult 4 Kids in the running for this contest. This opportunity will go a long way with the relationship between staff, consultant-trainers and frontline staff. It is a dynamic they have not had an opportunity to implement thus far, and I think having such a unique method of collaboration could do great things for them!

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