I plan to improve student achievement by providing online tutoring sessions as a learning resource that exploits the flexibility and power of technology, combining individualized instruction and Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles, to reach my student learners while they are trying to learn, both in and out of class.  By using Blackboard Collaborate, I will be able to interactively tutor students using the virtual whiteboard and student drawing and writing problems, solutions and explanations. Also, math simulations and virtual math manipulative will be used to maximize learning in this environment.


The goal is to improve Math scores both in class and on standardized tests. This will be obtained by (objectives) providing online individualized tutoring, homework help, and test prep help. This project will enrich my teaching by leveraging the power of technology to transform the way my students learn by empowering their learning experiences and increasing their engagement while learning. The online aspect further targets specific individualized needs at a precision rate as student concentration is truly focused during the sessions. This has been validated with an initial trial project last year. The students and parents loved connecting from home for help.


Below is an example of a student receiving online tutoring from home. Every participating student showed a marked increase in his/her basic skills and grades in my class following the online tutoring sessions. Photo submitted by parent.





















If selected, I would share the room with Sharon Nagy-Johnson to use during the day for her proposal.



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Comment by Mark P. Bader on July 5, 2012 at 3:11pm

I wish you well. The specific goal of impacting math scores and engaging students inspired me to think how I can develop a similar goal for courses in business and marketing at a local community college. One of my first projects while I learn about applying Collaborate technology will be to set up office hours.David, how will you get participation initially? What marketing do you do? If I get a session set up, announce it to students, give them tools to help learn about the participant side of Collaborate, will they come? What have you found? 

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