As a teacher for college students, I found that learning through online media really helpful. By following course from "Coursera", I can improve knowledge regarding subject that I teach from expertise. This type of study also provide me opportunity to collaborate with other students on that course, so that we can discuss a lot of things regarding our course from different point of view. 

Learning online almost like studying at Open University (in Indonesia we say it "Universitas Terbuka"). We can provide several hours a week to listen the lectures, take the quiz and read some complimentary resources. 

Off course following course online also required our discipline. I failed to get certificate from one of my online course because of late on submitting paper. 

Learning online really provide a lot of choice in getting the resources to learn. If we do not really understand what the lecturer talking about, we can listen the lecture with transcript provided. They provide transcript with PDF and other formats. 

The other website also provide training on basic medical procedures that really important for me, in order to get the animation to show at my students. I found that it is really helpful if we can provide animation that give student experience the feelling of doing something through video animation. 

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