HTC mini: A small supplementary phone for the large Smartphone

The Smartphones are so big now that they are already unwieldy and almost no longer suitable for long phone calls for some users. The answer according to HTC: a second phone that is coupled with the Smartphone and has only basic feature, comes with in the scope of souq uae delivery. You read correctly.

We present: the HTC mini. A device that has Bluetooth and NFC is delivered in China along with the HTC butterfly. Instead of working on the shape and size of their own devices, is there with unasked another device customers.


The HTC is a mini with butterfly by NFC paired and communicates with this via Bluetooth. Otherwise the mini offers you all features associated with the butterfly as we know them from "non-smart"phones: texting, phoning and calendar management. So the expensive Smartphone can remain safely in the bag and must disclose the hazards of the vicinity.

But that's not all: the HTC mini can be used also as a remote control for the butterfly, if this was connected to a TV. In addition it can be used to find the butterfly, by allowing the Smartphone send out an alarm. Last but not least, the mini can be used as a camera shutter of the butterfly. So far, the mini only in China included is included.

Certainly, a gadget that makes sense and is an interesting accessory. But if it comes to that, that a Smartphone with him be extradited because the underlying company sees the need to the TV, I feel slightly patronized and recalling technical re instead of progress. How do you see that?

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