How I would use a free Blackboard Collaborate room

I would use it and promote Open Source software, specifically Moodle to African nations.


Why? I look at the map of web visitors on my Moodle site ( visitor hits from Africa.


Then at my blog (


Again, I notice NO visitors from the continent of Africa (- yet!).

I know that there ARE Moodlers from Africa, so the graphics above do not show the real picture.


Nevertheless, I would use the virtual classroom to achieve this vision:

  1. complement traditional classrooms of existing colleges in Africa where there is a reasonable Internet population.
  2. teach beginners Moodle-users how to have fun with Moodle
  3. hold virtual classes for charity and aid organisations with emphasis on Open Source software that can help those organisations save cost
  4. promote Moodle and Open Source among young African students

To achieve this vision, as a practical step,

I'd help to organise a mini-Moodle MOOT for Africa, bringing together the best Moodlers of africa together to donate their time, talents and skills to showcase their use of Moodle in their current institutions, to a continental audience of African users.

The free Blackboad Collaborate room will come in very handy as a vehicle and platform for such virtual teaching to that target audience.


So that's what I intend to do to make this world a better place.


Frankie Kam

Melaka, Malaysia

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Comment by Joseph Thibault on July 21, 2011 at 6:23am
I especially like the possibilities of this idea in creating a more collaborative event (a Moot) where not only Frankie, but other world wide Moodlers could connect and share their experiences.  Sounds great!

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