Global Cooperative Learning Classroom

With a We Collaborate Bb I would be able to extend my already growing global collaborative classroom to include local experts, parents, and distant relatives of the students in my classroom and create a learning space that not only teaches the curriculum content, but does so within the context of a global setting through technology.  Lit Trips, Smithsonian Classroom Projects, SHOUT Learning projects, and our famous "Field Trip Fridays" will be enhanced so that a diverse community of students, teachers, family, friends, experts, and administrators could participate in discussions and cooperative learning activities.  How much deeper would the content I teach settle into their foundation when experienced rather than just learned?  For a student, the experience of learning, problem solving, collaborating, being the teacher...having to figure things out and engage with others you may not have to work together to come to a common solution...all of those things can become more effective with a We Collaborate Bb.  It brings the world to your classroom and along with it, endless possibilities.

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Comment by Joli Brock on July 25, 2011 at 10:17am
As a DEN STAR educator and a DEN leadership counsel member for Texas, this avenue can open so many opportunities for my students to create a real impact in their world and the lives and learning of other students worldwide.

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