My goal is to provide an online venue for a filicide educational and support group where potential victims and their families, as well as the professionals who work with these high risk populations, such as counselors, therapists, physicians, trauma teams, social workers, law enforcement, victim's advocates, judges, attorneys, etc. can meet and collaborate their efforts. Having access to additional information regarding this complex and counterintuitive issue of parents who kill their children can help to disambiguate the topic of filicide as well as create a more holistic approach toward saving children's lives who are at-risk due to multiple factors. Providing a website where community resources as well as legal and medical options are available would be an invaluable tool.The research I have conducted over the past six years has indicated that it is not only the high risk families who are in need of support groups, but also the professionals who work with these children and their families in both pre- and post-incident capacities, for example the trauma nurses who work 24/7 for months (even on their days off) to spend time with the few surviving victims of filicide attempts. To my knowledge, at the present time there are no support groups specifically designed to address the individuals who lives are devastated by the murder of children by their parents so I hope that you will consider giving us this invaluable opportunity.

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