Empowering Grey Haired people to use technology to maintain relationships in retirement

Talking to my peers (I am in my late 50s) and those older, I get the impression that many of them feel that they are more isolated than ever before in their lives. Many of them are coping with the almost inevitable deterioration of their physical capability due to aging, and finding that they are no longer able to participate in work, sports and other active pursuits which were the main source of social contact. Additionally, they were educated in a pre-PC, pre-internet and pre-social networking era and many have not had the opportunity to develop the necessary skils to keep up and communicate with children (and especially grandchildren) to whom such things are second nature.


I am a strong advocate for technology to improve quality of life for the aged. I am a comptetent public speaker and hope to enthuse groups to take up the use of technology to build bridges within across generations. A 50 seat Vroom would enable me to conduct hands on, interactive webinars to set the grey world (or in my case - bald world) on a track to web 2.0 technologies and a socially full life in a virtual environment.


Dr. Ian M Sims

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