Ed-Links-Morocco is a non-profit social network which has been, for more than three years now,  swatting hard to serve  English language education in the Kingdom of Morocco.

Ed-Links-Morocco  is a network for teachers, supervisors, researchers and language planning decision makers to communicate, create and contribute to the improvement of English language teaching/learning practices, and to the enhancement of teacher professional development collaborative endeavors (visit our Blog List)

Ed-Links-Morocco  is  trying hard to set up English Language Clubs in as many remote and less favored high schools as possible and collect books for their needy library bookshelves.

Ed-Links-Morocco  is also investing in Classroom Connection Projects , an innovative online program that brings together classrooms around the world to create learning opportunities, dialogue and debate around key global issues.

Ed-Links-Morocco  has recently signed up for World Class Schools in an attempt to bring technology into our Moroccan classrooms to change the way our Moroccan learners  learn English as a foreign language. A number of those remote areas schools can access to videoconferencing platforms which will bring the world to them and get them involved in debating global issues and options.

Ed-Links-Morocco  , being a nonprofit professional network,is getting by with little help from friends; therefore, we are inviting you to join us in our attempts to serve English  language education and English language teacher lifelong learning  endeavors.

Ed-Links-Morocco will be grateful if we can have this 1-year, 50-seat Blackboard Collaborate room to use to offer our members some online training sessions, serve education where education is really at stake and  make a difference in the world.

Help  Ed-Links-Morocco   survive and improve by becoming our partner and/or sponsor. Befriend us and let us get by with little help from you.



Khalil Zakari
Teacher Development Specialist
Regional Coordinator of English Inspection
Ministry of National Education- Morocco

http://ed-links-morocco.ning. com

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