1. I want to use this forum and the technology of " Blackboard We collaborate
    " to create cultural awareness and respect for different cultures and thus
    build bridges across regions. Perhaps at no point in human history, people were
    more compelled and motivated to know about each other than now. Because of a
    more connected and interdependent world, it is necessary for us to know and
    take pride in our cumulative cultural heritage. This can only be done, by first
    trying to know and  understand different cultures.
  2. Keeping this in mind, and with my over a decade of research and teaching experience, I want to launch a user-friendly and exciting presentations and discussion for people from all over the world. Some of the broad themes for presentation and discussions would be :
  3. At the intersection of Regions and  Religions/Unity and diversity

  4. Culture and Festivals/Holidays

  5. Culture and Food

  6. Culture and Dress

  7. Culture and Paintings
  8. Culture and Architecture

  9. Culture and Crafts

  10. Culture and dances

  11. Culture and Literature

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