Our students are bright and eager to learn. We are a Title I (in need) district with so many wonderful students who deserve a chance to see their ideas and visions turn into actionable learning. We need to find ways to bridge technology classes between schools so that students can understand two vital ideas:


1) Their world is bigger than they think and

2) That they make a difference in it


If chosen for Blackboard's WeCollaborate! contest, I will immediately set goals for interschool lessons with my peers, as well as collaboration times between technology teachers.



In addition, we have to reach out to our community in order to teach our parents about the positive role that technology plays in their childrens' lives. Tech is not just texting, games and posting any content that might offend, or hurt another person. Technology is a tool that people use to


1) Make their lives better, and more streamlined so that

2) Ideas and collaboration can take place


If chosen for Blackboard's WeCollaborate! contest I will set up at least one to two parent conference activities in order to show student work, and all for a new approach to home technology can accomplish.



Our students come first, and making our community more solidified is our responsibility, but there are bigger problems in the world that we must tackle together. Our students and parents can learn that


1) With a resourceful idea, change can happen and that

2) That change can start a reaction that makes the world better


If chosen for Blackboard's We Collaborate! contest, with my peers, we will choose at least one good cause to motivate our students to learn that life is bigger than the borders of our neighborhoods, and that they can feel good about doing good.


Thank you for your consideration :)




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