Last year our school was restructured. More than half of the staff were fired and many new teachers were placed at our school. With so many new faces, and so much change, there is little sense of community or connection to our parents and our students because we are a very large urban school. We had 5200 students two years ago, 4200 this year, and next year, when a new school opens we will lose approximately 1500 more students. Along with the students we will lose teachers.

Learn Central and We Collaborate is a way to keep all of us connected and moving towards the goal of providing our students with a world class education despite the fact that we are a 85% free or reduced lunch school. The site will be bilingual in order to serve all of our parents and students, and will include a way for parents who work to conference with all of their child's teachers, as well as learn ways to help their children do better in school. In addition, the site will provide our staff with collaboration tools that will promote better teaching and learning for all of those involved from counselors to custodians, and everyone in between. Hopefully, this site will provide us with the needed time and place to collaborate and development the small learning communities we need to make our school successful. We will all collaborate to make the site a useful tool, and one person from each Small Learning Community (SLC) will facilitate their communities input and participation.

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