Bring Young Workers and Professionals Together to Create Meaningful Career Paths in Social Justice

This Blackboard session would bring together a wide range of youth leaders and community stakeholders, who are currently trying to get started in the work world and carve out careers in the non-profit sector, health and human services, philanthropy, helping professions, and other areas of social justice work. The goals of the session would be to pool our collective energy, information, and resources, and discuss how we might succeed in a tough economy to work together and create better career and life paths using our dreams to affect change and serve others.


Amidst a slow economy and national political malaise, it often seems impossible to carve out or even get started on a career in social justice that provides personal meaning and inspiration and still pays the bills. Yet, the youth talent pool in the US is swelling, and the unemployment rate for teens and young adults is in the double-digits. As a result, young people have to work together as they are increasingly squeezed out of the traditional workforce, and develop our own community assets, resources, and networks in order to create opportunities for ourselves while doing the work we love and believe in. Through this session, we will talk about current realities, next steps, and together we will work to grow and evolve the workforce and become the changes we wish to see.


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