Blackboard Connect for local Government Services Networking


Greetings to all.  I live in Southwest Georgia (US) and am vice president of the local chapter of the American Society for Public Administration.


If I am awarded access to a Blackboard Connect account with 50 "seats" I will use it to host weekly online meetings intended to help elected and employed local government officials share their knowledge with one another.  This is a rural area with many small city governments.  Officials have challenging obligations and need additional abilities to share their knowledge and experiences with one another.  If I have access to a Blackboard Connect account I will arrange for guest presenters and will record sessions to be made available to others "on demand."  I will continue to encourage my colleages to use Blackboard Connect for organizational and educational purposes.


I look forward to meeting you all through this community made available to us by Blackboard and Steve.


Bruce Neubauer


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Comment by Steve Hargadon on June 28, 2011 at 10:23am
Bruce:  this sounds terrific.  Great work--first post!

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