Blackboard Collaborate 11 Global Team Teaching Solution


I have utilized blackboard in various versions since 1998. Some may say I have grown with the iterations of Blackboard. I utilized all the features that were available with my students to create a interactive and richer classroom experience for the students. Blackboard tools allow  the online environment to seem less impersonal and gives the student a since of community. My skills in effectively utilizing blackboard has advanced over the years; and I am looking forward to experiencing Blackboard Collaborate to advance the educational experience of my students.


I would utilize Blackboard Collaborate to connect with an college in another country and collaborate with an instructor and students teaching a similar seated/distance learning course.  Instructors would collaborate with one another to team teach the course. Students  from each University  would collaborate on a team research project utilizing Blackboard Collaborate 11 resources. Instructors from both institutions would be able to video tape lectures, assignment  and give instructions utilizing the new advanced video features in Blackboard Collaborate . Students would collaborate utilizing group white board; advanced breakout management and instant messaging feature. Web conferencing could be utilized for monthly  meetings globally.  I look at blackboard collaborate as a global solution to online/distance education. Blackboard Collaborate connects online/distance learning at a deeper level than ever before.


Collaboration at a global level makes a difference in the students educational experience, cultural and academic exposure. The learning the student would receive is richer, interactive,interdisciplinary and technology based. Blackboard Collaboration is truly an global solution to distance learning education. This solution would make a difference in how we deliver online content at the University where I teach and it  will give a basis for best practices to be used in delivering online educational programs locally and globally utilizing Black board collaborate 11.





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