Back on Track Schools and BB Collaborate

What does it take for teachers in alternative settings to move from “remediation,” guided by a minimal standard for a high school diploma, and toward “acceleration,” rooted in a higher standard of learning for all young people and leading as rapidly as possible to credentials with value in today’s economy? And how do we achieve that with a student population that may have struggled with attendance and disciplinary issues? How can educators develop the skills to increase the level of academic challenge without causing students to become frustrated and discouraged?

Utilizing a powerful tool like BB Collaborate will enable Jobs for the Future to help schools across the country serving the "back on track" population answer these questions and learn from each other. BB Collaborate would serve as a content-delivery platform and as a peer network for teachers and administrators who serve under-credited, over-age students who not only want to graduate, but pursue a postsecondary credential.

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