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PEI Schools could expand learning opportunities for members...

PEI Schools is an educational social network encouraging input and discussion on the topic of 21st Century Learning and in particular what changes are required in Prince Edward Island schools. We encourage anyone with an interest in the education of our youth to contribute your input, and participate in the process. We are in this together and together we can make a positive difference...redifining education one "dream" at a time...

With a learning…


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Ed-Links-Morocco is a non-profit social network which has been, for more than three years now,  swatting hard to serve  English language education in the Kingdom of Morocco.

Ed-Links-Morocco  is a network for teachers, supervisors, researchers and language planning decision…


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ICT4U wants to collaborate !

The ICT4U-project is an European schoolproject (Comenius/eTwinning). In this project students from Greece, Hungary, Spain, Iceland and Belgium will work together to create 

educational cards about different web2.0-applications and IT-tools that are usefull in the classroom. At the moment we are using wiki's to work together but we still need a tool for better collaboration. Important to know is that the students from the different countries will demonstrate the tools before a.n… Continue

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Community Connections

Over the last 6 months I have been volunteering my time with a network of 15 not for profit Neibourhood Houses in Victoria Australia to develop a strategy towards getting the centre’s trained in the use of 21st century technology.

My role has been to help them connect their community’s online using social networking and Blackboard/Collaborate, to help with their communication and training ability.

Because of the tyranny of distance in my region many residents are isolated and…


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Technology Integration in Education

As the founder of the Professional Learning Network called Technology Integration in Education ( with over 10000 members globally, combined through sites such as Linkedin, Ning, Twitter, Facebook, Diigo and more,  I have been using technology such as Ning to make a difference in the way educators teach around the world.  As part of the expansion plans for my website…


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Demolition and Reconstruction!

First step - tear down some classroom walls. Starting with the district and moving out across cities and states. From there we move out across continents....and then the limits of the Earth and beyond. Too much?  Maybe, then again…not really…

When demolition has served its role as the horizon broadenER, altering narrow notions of time, place, culture, and experience....we begin the reconstruction phase. Classrooms redesigned internally with connection, empathy, understanding, and of…


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Improving School Collaboration

I am the lead tech teacher at my Elementary site. we have recently moved into using Google Docs for collaborative grade level planning, during our Professional Learning Community (PLC) meetings. I would love to promote real classroom to classroom collaboration through We Collaborate. We are all getting new laptops and iPads, through grants, and this would be the perfect opportunity to help teachers get to the next level of tech usage. I can see using Blackboard to share lessons between classes,… Continue

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Functional Education

Navigating through the myriad of resources available for digital mass communication, it is quite for any one to stumble upon face book, my space, you tube, tweeter, microsoft, google, yahoo, and many others social networks that make millons with the registered members and their own marketing. Nothing constructive comes out of this systems, we also have adult education, vocational education, occupational education, hybrid education and meny other types of education, yet we do not have a web…


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Blackboard Connect for local Government Services Networking


Greetings to all.  I live in Southwest Georgia (US) and am vice president of the local chapter of the American Society for Public Administration.


If I am awarded access to a Blackboard Connect account with 50 "seats" I will use it to host weekly online meetings intended to help elected and employed local government officials share their…


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