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I would like to use Blackboard Collaborate to virtually "shake hands across the globe." My students have made some contacts with a school in Switzerland and this fall both schools hope to also be making contact with a school in Mali. I believe students will be more compassionate human beings and better-equipped 21st century learners by making those connections, breaking down stereotypes and better understanding our common humanity. Kids love to share with each other, and my students have…


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online search strategies

Dear all,

In The information age we are living,the information flow is uncontrolable.

Thus,we must have known the right online search tips,in order to retrieve the accurate information.

Since iam a system librarian at my university,where iam pursuing my master in library and information science. iN Lebanon.information litercay still not known so well,thus i have taught grade 12 students in a private school,how to do an online research using google tips and teh big…


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Addressing Mass Incarceration In the Urban Centers

The social and economic conditions of the inner cities are exacerbated by the high rate of incarceration that creates a permanent underclass, tears apart families, and leaves people living from emergency to emergency.  And of course, there is a b-line straight from high school to the penitentiary, or the cemetery. We would use the Blackboard Collaborate room to create a virtual classroom to be shared by our Social Justice Academy students and the inmates from the Medium Security Federal…


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Proposal for Collaborate Room use

As I have been using videoconferencing with my students and school since 2007, I'm eager to take it to the next level, by having a classroom online, where we can find others, join webinars, and produce our own presentations.  I teach Special Education, so the students I have really enjoy this feeling of being in a technologically advanced class, and the remediation of their self-esteem problems is much easier.  They also benefit from a lot of the multi-modal presentations, and the visual…


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Balancing the Scales

Everyday we turn on our televisons, or our computers, (and the dying breed who still read the newspaper!) and the stories are overwhelmingly negative. When media outlets perpetuate negative stories, they send out images and messages which are then mirrored in society.

My We Collaborate site will be a place to both brainstorm solutions to counter destructive mass media and balance the scales from negative to positive; and also be a place to share positive stories of hope, humor,…


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Virtual Mentorship for Traumatized Youth in Africa

If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a “global village” to help support severely disadvantaged and traumatized youth in Africa.  What better way to expose them to a world of new ideas and possibilities than to connect them in live, collaborative relationships with international mentors and supporters from abroad, using Blackboard Collaborate. 

The Strongest Oak Foundation (TSO) is an international,  non-profit organization dedicated to helping extraordinary youth (aged 15…


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My goal is to provide an online venue for a filicide educational and support group where potential victims and their families, as well as the professionals who work with these high risk populations, such as counselors, therapists, physicians, trauma teams, social workers, law enforcement, victim's advocates, judges, attorneys, etc. can meet and collaborate their efforts. Having access to additional information regarding this complex and counterintuitive issue of parents who kill their children… Continue

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Kids Teaching Kids via Digital Media

Next Vista for Learning ( has been building a free, online library of videos by and for teachers and students everywhere for the last five years.  The videos cover academic topics, career possibilities, communities around the world, and the joy and meaning of serving others.

In tossing our hat in the We Collaborate ring, our hope is to tap into the creativity of the 7000+ teachers on our mailing list by using a Blackboard…


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The World We Want

This BB Collaborative community would invite all participants to come with their ideas of how they are co-creating The World We Want. What are that things that people are doing in different communities that are proving helpful, more sustainable, more kind, more joyful, or more life enhancing? What would participants like to see more of in their schools, work, or communities? How can this collaborative learning community work together to implement more of the good ideas and together work to make… Continue

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Building Community

Last year our school was restructured. More than half of the staff were fired and many new teachers were placed at our school. With so many new faces, and so much change, there is little sense of community or connection to our parents and our students because we are a very large urban school. We had 5200 students two years ago, 4200 this year, and next year, when a new school opens we will lose approximately 1500 more students. Along with the students we will lose teachers.



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Preserving the Amazon Basin of my Childhood

I have used Wimba and Elluminate to teach hybrid language and content courses to undergraduate and graduate students at my institution, Montclair State University.  We all experienced technical difficulties at first, but these were overcome as we meet to discuss a variety of topics in the Language of Propaganda, Introduction to Linguistics,  Advanced Speaking and Listening Skills, and other courses.    What worked best for all of us was the use of the Breakout rooms.  This took a lot of work…


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Positive Impact Network (PIN)- Networking to Impact

This innovation intends to bring together young people with different educational background and varying interest in each subject of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)-

The focus-

To empower them to facilitate focus groups in their local community that will contribute to accelerate a particular goal of the MDGs through awareness and education.

To inspire young people to initiate development projects and be the change they want to see in their society.



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‘‘Collaborate To Find Solution''


The global community is facing critical challenges ranging from child abuse, unwanted and early pregnancy, and deadly diseases to threatening climate and environmental hazard. The question is ‘‘what should we do?’’. The answer therefore is ‘‘to find solution''. Sustainable development is defined as development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to…


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I can read if I want to!

My "we collaborate!" site would be a space to speak with teenagers, teachers, parents and librarians about how to provide reading materials to adolescent and young adults who show a steady decline in voluntary reading as an interest. Many would read if materials of interest were provided in classrooms, libraries, drop-in centers, homeless shelters. Once a person stops reading, they stop learning about important information that can make a difference for their future. I would like to see what…


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Bring Young Workers and Professionals Together to Create Meaningful Career Paths in Social Justice

This Blackboard session would bring together a wide range of youth leaders and community stakeholders, who are currently trying to get started in the work world and carve out careers in the non-profit sector, health and human services, philanthropy, helping professions, and other areas of social justice work. The goals of the session would be to pool our collective energy, information, and resources, and discuss how we might succeed in a tough economy to work together and create better…


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Our students are bright and eager to learn. We are a Title I (in need) district with so many wonderful students who deserve a chance to see their ideas and visions turn into actionable learning. We need to find ways to bridge technology classes between schools so that students can understand two vital ideas:…


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Linking student teachers to their community

Linking student teachers to their community is the first task! Then enabling them to share good ideas and discuss best practices for society follows; Making them recommend new and interesting ways of using this facility to each another introduces fun, I think!

Making them reach an agreement on best times to start teaching practice or to introduce a subject to a category of students they are working with is part of bonding!

A discussion on how to introduce their assessment…


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By inspiring young people to develop new ideas and teaching them the skills necessary to put those ideas into action, we are creating new generation of responsible and successful global citizen’s future leaders

It is universally accepted that information communication technology (ICT) offer immense opportunity for the comprehensive social and economic development of the over the world.

The goal of the organization is to reach out and give free computer education and order skills…


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We Collaborate - Moodle intagration

Well, now that I thought about it deeper the best thingg would be to integrate We Collaboarate with my school's moodle site at There used to be ellumniate module:

I am wondering if that would work with We collaborate?

That would  do the…


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