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Continuous Improvement in Education

I have been involved in continuous improvement with a variety of industries.   I was part of PQ Systems, located in Dayton Ohio, when the Quality Kid project was initiated by ASQ and I watched as a number of community colleges offered classes in continuous improvement tools to businesses in the area.  Having been on the fringe of continuous improvement in Education, I am anxious to hear about what has been accomplished,   What worked, what didn't?  What successes can you note to this blog. …


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The Strongest Oak Foundation


The Strongest Oak Foundation was a grateful winner of the Collaborate for Good contest (read the entry “Virtual Mentorship for Traumatized Youth in Africa”). We use  Blackboard Collaborate for our meetings as well as to collaborate with our “Strongest Oaks” (clients) in Africa. Two of our executive (Stace and Dan) are currently visiting Africa, witnessing the fruits of our labors first-hand, and…


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Sain uu, ene bol ...

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Greak Poetry

Greak poetry is just awesome. I especially like Homer's poetry. It just sounds so nice and relaxing. Hey I think I can be a poet myself,


Democracy is the reality

That's is in the world today

A wonderful system

That requires dedication

To keep the country in tact

To do so may also be called


Yeh I can do this stuff to/


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Supporting developments in language teaching despite financial pressures

As we at the Language Centre are lucky enough to have created an online platform with integrated bb collaborate tools, I would like to widen access to those who are keen to use such facilities in order to give their students a "real life" connection with a school abroad. Today, in order to share this facility, I have created an open group. If you are a language educator and are interested please join the group and tell us which languages/countries you would like to connect with. We can then… Continue

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Your work

Your work is interesting for you, is not it?

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Project: Closing the Technology Gap in World Language Teaching


Hello everyone,

Let me explain to you how I'd use and "squeeze" Blackboard Collaborate for a whole year! :-)

I have been selected by PSMLA (Pennsylvania State Modern Language Association) and NECTFL (Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) as a Sans Inc./Mead Fellow, leading an online professional development project about providing FREE training to World Language teachers on creative, immersive, authentic, and FUN ways to incorporate web 2.0 tools…


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Online Tutoring

I plan to improve student achievement by providing online tutoring sessions as a learning resource that exploits the flexibility and power of technology, combining individualized instruction and Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles, to reach my student learners while they are trying to learn, both in and out of class.  By using Blackboard Collaborate, I will be able to interactively tutor students using the virtual whiteboard and student drawing and writing problems, solutions and…


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OST Arena

Consult 4 Kids currently assists 40% of after school programs in California. Our goal is to not stop there. With in the next 7 years, we hope to effect the lives of 70 million youth and 10 million adults through our services. Eventually we will be giving away our services for free through advertising and sponsors.

Since the area in which we assist is so vast, having on training room to work with individuals in each region on how to use the training more effectively would be a huge…


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Enhancing Teaching and Learning with the Help of Blackboard


Teaching offers a learning experience to language teachers whenever they use new teaching strategies that promote student participation. We are aware that those experiences vary to a great extent and it becomes essential to share those experiences with fellow teachers now and then. This proposal aims at enhancing such learning (among language teachers) apart from offering teacher training online in integrating technological tools in the language classroom. To begin with, an initial…


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  1. I want to use this forum and the technology of " Blackboard We collaborate

    " to create cultural awareness and respect for different cultures and thus

    build bridges across regions. Perhaps at no point in human history, people were

    more compelled and motivated to know about each other than now. Because of…

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Social Media Global Education Connection Project

The mission of the Social Media Global Education Connection Project is “To provide leadership, guidance, facilitation and resources to students, educators, and administrators in educational organizations that will promote and enable competent usage of social media by the world’s citizens, workforces, educational institutions, and societies.”


The SMGEC project is sponsored by the Social Media Club, a non-profit trade association whose membership exceeds some 300 K members…


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Connecting & collaborating - from Maui to the global community

Samuel Enoka Kalama Intermediate School is located on the slopes of Haleakala on the island of Maui, in the state of Hawaii. The opportunity to use a Blackboard Collaborate room for a year would impact our learning community in so many ways. Here is a sampling of what we would do:

-Connect and collaborate with learners from around the world. For starters, we would like to connect with Pacific island neighbors, including classrooms, teachers, scholars and institutions, an area…


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Contest Proposal: Multiple language assistance for California Voters (Aug. 2011-Nov. 2012)

Dear Readers,


As a College English instructor since 2004, I have taught English composition and research skills to a diverse group of people who come from a variety of different backgrounds and languages.  While some of these students are fresh out of high school and eager to start college, many other students are adult workers who are returning to school after several or many years.  While some of these students speak, read, and write English as their first and…


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#edtech20 #socialmedia #curation and #semantic project gateway to knowledge in #education20

The #edtech20 free project is extended of the project  ,, Teach, learn, play in 21st Century using web 2.0, social media used in an e-Safe way in education 2.0 " who was selected finalist project in … Continue

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Public Library - Digital Media Center - Connect For Good!

For the past year the Westport Public Library in Connecticut has been working toward the creation of a Teen Digital Media Center based on some models viewed around the country, including the YouMedia "Youth-powered 21st Century Learning Center" at the Chicago Public Library.

Teens in our community generally have busy schedules after school due to homework and extra-curricular activities. There is also no shortage of technology in many homes. Recently we determined that our…


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We will collaborate, will you?

About us

School of Economics and Business Sarajevo (SEBS) is regional leader in providing distance learning in Higher education for the West Balkan countries. Since 2002 we provide e-learning way of education to our students and involve 6000 students that learn English language through e-learning platform and out of these there are 1200 students who are engaged in distance learning way of education.


Every year we are trying to improve our e-learning…


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Empowering teachers and citizens in Latin America

Since 2009, I’ve been using Elluminate as a critical tool in the offering of open online courses, which have included participants from Colombia, México, Venezuela, Bolivia, Argentina and Brazil (the entry point to these experiences can be found here, here and here).   Sometimes I’ve used trial rooms although, in 2010,…


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