Please let me know once you have loged in

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I have loged in now but how is it going to work with all the other guys



I have sent them the guide. did you use the guide or you followed instructions?

Finally logged in, whats happening now. Hi Edward 

Hi Alfred! You made it. It is crazy it has be hard to do so. Happy New year everyone


Thanks Alfred, please tell us how you loged in. It has been a nightmare since the page changed


Hi June, ok I'm in.  do i have to do anything else or is this it?

I am confused about this too. What is the next stage?

I think this is it. This is new to me too. Compliments.

Just joined too.


Thank you Mabuto, please respond so we can see that we are together



I'm not sure what TMA03 is, but would you like to start your own group here?  If you do so, people can join your group, you have the ability to email them as well as start specific discussions threads within your group.



Hi Steve


Thanks very much for your message. I have e-mailed an invitation to everyone, did you see my invite?


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