The elluminate page has changed and has made it difficult for us to log in. please reply to this message just to ensure that we are together


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Hi. I must say that it is a bit of a challenge to navigate here.


I'm with you. I'm not sure why the page we used last year was changed.


Can you all see my communication to you?

Ok, everybody. I'm realy sorry for this confusion. Tonight, I wanted us to talk about Book 3


I will start the tutorial even though it's late. Please can you all respond when you see this message. I just want to ensure that everyone will see the communication


Do you all have Book 3 with you?

The month of January is the beginning of Book 3. I will post all Book 3 activities on the TGF and I request you to respond to them

I will post further communication on the TGF as well tonight and please check it out


Ok, I think I've see where this is going now.

Hello everyone and compliments.

Hi Steven

Hi everyone. i'm sorry that we are starting on a low note. I wanted to start by sending you a warm welcome and big hug in the New Year! Please respond if you see this message so we can go on

I think the new page has different tools that we still need to try to familiarise ourselves with



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