What is the most interesting in your work?

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The most interesting  for me is to communicate.
What is the most interesting thing about my work? Creating and sharing what is created.

It is great!

How old is your child? About 9 months?

LOL, the photo I usually use for my avatar everywhere was not accepted by Ning. It said it was too small. In a hurry to get set up, I then just picked my favorite photo of me. This one goes back a long ways. That happy little guy in the photo just celebrated his 24th birthday with us last weekend. :0)

My congratulations to you and your son! My son  is going to be23 too.
Creating, share and work in collaborative activities.
How do you think what is the most useful in collaborative activities?
Have either of you tried OneNote 2010 for Collaborating? Another instructor and I built an online general science course last year and it was an extremely useful tool. This year I have expanded its use in collaborative projects with other instructors. The nice thing is that it automatically updates wwhat each of you are doing live time. About 6 seconds after I add something to my OneNote, it shows up in the other instructor's OneNote and vise versa. I am very visual and the ability to do freehand annotations and sketching in OneNote was great. We could easily mark up an image just as we would with a pencil on paper. The mathematical tools are excellent too. Being able to find what you need using the notes search tool was also a huge plus. It even takes words that are in images and words that are handwritten and adds them to the search function. It was easy to share any files of any type by just attacking or drag and dropping it to the page. We didn't use it, but we could have added webcam and audio notes as well. Excellent!


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