Please introduce yourself and let us know a little bit more about what you do and how you use Blackboard Collaborate.

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Hi everyone! We're excited for our presentation on GEC 2012 this November 14, 4 p.m. Asia/Manila time.

Here's our link to our presentation.

We do hope that somebody could help and guide us out during our presentation.

See you everyone!

- Rolan

- Rosalina

- Lucila



My name is Meg. I am the Learning Technology Development Manager at Edge Hill University. We've just licensed a Departmental License for Collaborate and we're using the latest Blackboard Building Block.


We've had some successful pilot projects leading up to this and are now pretty comfortable in terms of understanding the product capabilities & advising / supporting staff & students. What we're now needing to do is develop our metrics monitoring & produce some formal policy/procedural guidance for sessions & recordings management, archive practices, etc. I'm wondering how best to encourage usage within the parameters of our agreement (ie. storage/conversion/session /download/user quotas).


Has anyone developed anything like this already that they'd be willing to share?  What advice/management strategies do you employ?


Best wishes



Hello, I'm Allison Hamilton. I work for Ultimate Medical Academy a for profit Allied Healthcare school. I have been our Collaborate "specialist/SME" for about 3 years.

Hi everyone

Just extending my network here to find out what advice anyone could give me about training and support guidance on Blackboard Collaborate which we are slowly rolling out to academics at the University of Leeds.

I have created a scoop-it link of just a few resources for the moment at

 If anyone would be willing to share any more up-to-date resources on Collaborate please do let me know and I will add them to this scoop-it link for the benefit of everyone.


Beth Snowden

Academic Staff Development Officer

Hi Beth,

Here is our university support link:

This should give you a sense for the issues we have needed to support with the Java-based version.  If you have the newer and incomplete Ultra version that isn't Java-based, then some of these resources won't be of use.  I believe we will migrate over to Ultra slowly in the spring.



Many thanks Ric, I have added this to the scoop-it link. We are presently creating resources to support academic staff use Collaborate so it is very useful to see what other HE institutions have done.

Still using the Classic View for now so helpul.





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