Please introduce yourself and let us know a little bit more about what you do and how you use Blackboard Collaborate.

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Happy New Year!  I'm a retired aerospace engineer and am interested in the possibility of using blackboard collaborate to tutor math and physics online.


Hi, Art!  I think you'll find some good help here as the network grows.  You might want to reach out to Tammy Moore ( here.


I'm the owner of Poppyhill School of Recording, Ireland offering training in Audio and Music Production. 

Over 20 years in the industry as a professional engineer and educator. 

Very interested in developing distance learning as part of our services.

Will, glad to have you here.  Hargadon is an Irish name, believe it or not--from Sligo.  :)

Hi Steve,

That's an unusual name. I've been to Sligo a couple of times. Very nice scenery and some good surfing

up there.

It's the Anglicized version of a Gaelic name that has the word "silver" in it.  Any and all Hargadons come from Sligo.  After years of research I found the family farm (and living relatives!) last summer in Dunbeakin, just south of Sligo.  Didn't do any surfing, though!  Cheers.

Happy New Year! The year ofthe dragon will be awesome and auspicious.

BbC will feature in my year as a vehicle for sharing ideas, knowledge and skills about how to become an elearner, eteacher and eleader.

How will you use Blackboard Collaborate in 2012?

COach Carole

Can't wait to see you continue your great traditions.  Think we need some kind of a calendar here for showing events?  Might make sense to take the existing Google calendars, pull into one, and embed on the site...

Yes I agree with that plan Steve. We have Australia Eseries google Calendar, no schedules as yet, but will be starting up again in Feb.

OK, let me know!  :)

My name is Greg Limperis and I am a Supervisor of Instructional Technology and Media for my very urban school district in Lawrence, MA.  Our district this year has begun a roll out of nearly 2 million dollars in interactive whiteboard equipment, document cameras, Slates and Student Response Systems for many teachers withing our school district.  We use Discovery Education, Compass Learning and Scholastic as major resources within our district.  We also have a district License to Nettrekker and more.  We are an under performing school district where the majority almost 80% are living at or below poverty and just as many who are of Dominican or Puerto Rican Status.  I began in this position this year in my district and soon will be working in a situation where the state will be taking over in the form of a state appointed receiver in an effort to turn things around and transform our school district.  It is very exciting times in that no option is off the table. 

I am also the founder of the very popular PLN called Technology Integration in Education with almost 10000 members on Linkedin under that name and as its own website with almost 6000 members at

I am a big supporter of Blackboard's Course Sites and have recently blogged about it.  They also advertise the site on my PLN.  I look forward to hearing from others about how they use Collaborate and Course Sites in their educational setting. 

Hi, Greg.  Welcome!


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