Please introduce yourself and let us know a little bit more about what you do and how you use Blackboard Collaborate.

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Hi, my name is Sarah and I have been managing the use of web conferencing technologies in the School of the Built Environment at the University of Salford (UK) for about 8 years now. We started using Wimba Live Classroom at the start, and have since moved over to Elluminate Live and now Blackboard Collaborate.  The use of the products has been so successful that we're now applying the knowledge to expend to the rest of the University so it is an exciting/challenging time here!  We currently use Elluminate Live to support our Distance Learning taught programmes, but we are planning a move to Blackboard Collaborate supporting Undergrad and Postgrad in all sorts of interesting ways - with hopefully some knowledge sharing on here.

Welcome, Sarah.  Great to have you here.


I am Kamel Echikh, an ELT specialist in Tunisia. I have been doing this job for two years (not a great deal). This job consists mainly in evaluating English teachers' work in class, training teachers and innovating in pedagogy. I am interested in sharing ideas related to my specialty to develop professionally. I hope that Blackboard Collaborate helps me achieve this goal.


I'm magda From Egypt ,I was a teacher till the last  month Now I'm an inspector .

-I'm an Arabian TESOL Member
- I'm a TESOL Member .
- I'm iEARN Teacher Trainer .
I have attended a six-hour certificate program at the American University in Cairo, Egypt on June, 2010 5Building a Professional Development Portfolio for Teacher ‘’ TESOL Arabia Leadership & Management SIG & English Language Fellows Program..

- A presenter at AUC for RELO .

- My mission is teaching students to Do projects, team building ,attending conferences , teach students how to use the net and do researches and how to use the language in their daily life.

Hi, Yolanda Egea from Spain. Bilingual teacher using CLIL methodology and ICT in the classroom. Glad to be with all of you in We Collaborate!

Hi, my name is Mia and I'm an e-Learning Consultant for a Not for Profit organisation in Perth, Western Australia, providing sector development within community care services. My position is a new posting and we are using Blackboard Collaborate to provide online learning to remote clients. We also use BbC to host meetings.

I have a question in relation to BbC Session Plan and I hope I'm addressing this in the right forum.

I recently created a PowerPoint presentation and uploaded to session plan. I need to now increase the font size of the presenter notes in session plan. I understand I need to select Edit>Preferences>Session Plan and choose Display Settings within BbC to allow me to change the various fonts. However the option of Note Font doesn't appear which would enable me to change the font of presenter notes. Elluminate Plan! v2.1 User's Guide Page 75 indicates I should see Note Font... 

Does anyone have any suggestions they can offer?

Hi I am Bal Bahadur Powrel from Bhutan. Bhutan is yet to experience these buzz terms. I am interested in bringing new methods in to my classrooms. I joined teaching profession since 2004 and I still go on with chalk and talk method. My purpose to join you all is to equip my teaching career with modern methods. 21st Century teaching tools are still far away from students' reach in Bhutan. Only a few have the opportunity and luxury of playing with computers. Internet is slow in schools. Any ways my recent study confirmed that computer aided teaching was more helpful than normal teaching.

See you then.

Hello to all!  I am glad to be joining this community.  I have played around with blackboard, and I like it.  But I think that it takes some real expertise to do online teaching well.  So I'll be watching and listening.  I have a lot to learn about this way of reaching people!

By way of introduction, my professional interests include: reading comprehension instruction; learning differences; the history of reading and readers; the future of reading and readers.  My work has, for well over two decades, been focused on the use of paper scrolls -- the ancient, and marvelously low-tech, rolled book -- to reach struggling readers and to teach comprehension skills and course content to all readers.

The unrolled scroll is the only book format that is explicit -- which is to say that it is literally "unrolled" (ex + plicare), and hence fully revealed and wide open to understanding.  No other format does this -- which is why I think that scrolls are such a good fit for teaching and learning.  You'll find more about my work in the following places:





Hi everyone!

Thanks Sir Steve for creating this site.

I'm Rolan.  My full name is Rolando R. Barcelon, I'm a Master Teacher I in Science at Quirino High School, Quezon City, Philippines.  I'm new to this site. I hope I can this all right.

God bless everyone!

- Rolan

Hi everyone, My name is Heather Davis and I am from a small city outside of Toronto.  For the past eight years I have been an elementary/primary classroom teacher at an international school in Beijing. I now work as the Technology Integration Specialist for Grades 2-5 at the American School of Guatemala in Guatemala City. I am involved in training and supporting teachers as they take the steps to incorporate and create plans to design authentic experiences for their students using technology, predominately iPads, in their classrooms.


I have only used Blackboard once before as a presenter though I have attended many sessions in the community.  I am very nervous as I face this new challenge as I want to provide the session attendees with a smooth, personal and professional experience.  It is also not helping that my MacBook Pro has to have the hard drive replaced and I am working on a borrowed HP laptop.  :)  I am very interested in this technology and look forward to becoming more comfortable using it.


Professional Blog:



Welcome, Heather. This is a good place to ask Collaborate questions and find resources. :0)

I have a Mac as well. A tip I want to pass along is to hold off on getting the new Java 7 update installed on your Mac. Blackboard isn't yet compatible and while a Windows machine seems less troubled by moving ahead to 7 (my son's Window's machine is Java 7) it is sheer disaster for a moderator on a Mac. Wait a bit until both Java and Blackboard are a bit further in getting everything smoothed out. I moved forward about 2 weeks ago and app share and webtour on Flash pages were both impossible to use. I found instructions for rolling back to 6 and that fixed everything. My guess is that a fix is on the near horizon since Java and Apple have published plans to push all machines to Java 7 Webstart in December. I asked Blackboard Tech support if they had a date to be ready and only got a response that no date is available. The next maintenance/update e-mail went out yesterday and they had two bug fixes that will be repaired (one I reported about closed captioning and the focus changing) but it had no mention about Java. I think one of the things that has made this Java update a bumpy ride is that for the last few years Apple stepped in and insisted it would be the one to roll out the Java updates to Macs. Then this year they suddenly announced that Java would have to take the ball back. 

My Profile: eTwinning ambassador, quite interested in educational projects all around the world. We have tried to integrate in our projects with other countries ICT tools to improve languages and general learning in our pupils, such as chat, collaborative mental maps and posters, videocalls and all the tools we can use in blogs, wikis and websites to make sure our communication and aims are successful. Actually we are quite interested in opening new projects with other countries all over the world with Iearn or Skype in the classroom. We are working hard to motivate our teacher to start working in this line, such as joining The Global Education Conference and to use Blackboard Collaborate. 

Collaborative Bilingual Blog:

My classteacher blog for pupils:

ICT blog:

Scoop it:

eTwinning profile:



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