Please introduce yourself and let us know a little bit more about what you do and how you use Blackboard Collaborate.

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I wasn't sure where to post this, but since new members would need the information the most, I decided to post it here.

Unlike LearnCentral, Ning doesn't send out posts of recent activity. If you liked keeping your finger on the community pulse by getting e-mails when activity occurs, go to the site's home page and look through the middle column for the Recent Activity section. At the bottom, you will see a feed icon. You can click it to send activity to your feed reader.

Good advice!


My  name  is Damian,  I  like  to  see  good dicussion on the  current  discussion  with  the  Republican  candidates  for  president.

I am currently coordinating a program for gifted students at Oxford Area High School in Oxford, PA. I am also secondary math certified and teach a couple of computer science classes. Joining this group is part of an assignment for a class that I am taking on teaching and learning in an online environment. I only use Elluminate as a student in this class, but hope to be teaching some online classes in the near future using Elluminate or Blackboard.

Welcome Scott. Teaching in the online classroom environment is quite addictive. You will love it. Do you happen to teach any C++ programming. My 17 year old son has been teaching himself but he says the texts are as dry as the desert with snippets of code being discussed in isolation of a larger whole. He is longing to find resources that take a project approach. :)

We have some gifted students that actually build and run a few of our courses. They have done remarkably well. You may want to consider that for your gifted program. :0)

Tammy - I don't know if you son is already kind of advanced at programming if he is taking on C++.  I'm trying to get my middle schooler started with programming basics, and wouldn't mind to learn a little more than HTML myself.  We tried Scratch from MIT and gave up too easy so I think we need to revisit that. I just read something about it being project based.  I also have signed up for CodeAcademy - they take a different approach and prompt you by email to keep up.!/exercises/0

I guess to make this email relevant I have to say that I am addicted to Collaborate!!  Or where is the Khan for Programming - they could use Collaborate!

A couple of suggestions:

Try the Java and C++ sections of

There is also a program for programming for Middle schoolers called bootstrap ( There are summer workshops in various regions of the country each year.

Tammy, I have taught programming in C, C++, and JAVA in the past. The best text that I have found for any of those are the Deitel and Deitel. Lots of coding examples that they talk you through, but then very quickly they get you into some practical applications that constantly have you looking toward the larger whole.

That part of my career was before I started doing this online, so I have never taught programming online. It would be a fun thing to do though.


I am a teacher and Science Dept. Head in a 7-12 cyber-charter school in Pennsylvania. I use BB Collaborate to teach 2 live sessions of Physical Science and Chemistry per week. I also BB Collaborate for meeting with staff and to share with staff ways to use both BB Collaborate and our LMS (Moodle).

As a teacher I also write curriculum and do instructional design work for my courses while giving leadership to other department members in that same process.

Welcome David. I teach chemistry as well. If you go to my profile page here at We Collaborate you will see a Drop Box embed. If you follow the chemistry folders you may find some of the resources I have used with Collaborate to be useful. I have such things as flasks, test tube, and beaker pngs with actual transparency so as you move them around on the whiteboard you can see through them like real glass. They make for good interactive elements for activities and presentations. There is even an animated gif that you can set behind the test tube png to make it look like something is boiling. :0)


My name is Margaret Cussen Instructional Designer for a small 2 year college in Texas. We currently use Collaborate outside of Blackboard for meetings, course reviews (based on QM criteria) consensus meetings and tomorrow will be sponsoring a college virtual open house for prospective online students. 

A limited number of instructors are using Collaborate in Blackboard to record class activities & lectures. Some are fond of the Wimba Suite & reluctant to switch. Officially, Bb Collaborate will be the only option 1 January 2013. 

So, at the moment, I'm looking for ways to influence our faculty to take the leap & switch to Collaborate! 

Welcome Margaret. I hope your virtual open house went well. I bet the reluctance to switch is because resources have been designed to fit the other suite and the learning curve when you are busy can be daunting for any new software. I bet once they get their feet wet, they will love it. :0)


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