Please introduce yourself and let us know a little bit more about what you do and how you use Blackboard Collaborate.

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Season's Greetings!   I'm an instructional designer at George Mason Univ.assisting faculty to develop online courses.  I use Bb Collaborate (or at least the Elluminate Live! component) to meet with faculty remotely, to train faculty and other staff on effective uses of Elluminate for teaching and/or engaging students, and I help faculty decide how to integrate Elluminate into their online course designs. 

Bb Collaborate is becoming the swiss army knife for online teaching.

Hi, Ric!  Given what you do, I suspect you'll be a valuable contributor here... :)  Thanks for signing up.

Hi, Meegan!  Hopefully, we can help you as you go through that process!

Hi, Nerida.  Welcome!  I'm also interested in seeing what threads develop on the best practices side.  Thanks for being here.

I use it for public free webinars to spread awarness on the effective use of education technology among the Arabic-Speaking educators becuase there's a huge gap in quality Arabic resources in this topic. Webinar series focus on eLearning topics, eLearning tools, teacher's technical and interpersonal skills. Webinars recordings are made available for the community that consists on 20,000 Arab educator

eLearning Arab Academy community:


eLearning Arab Academy Website:




Fascinating!  For some reason, Google Translate had trouble translating the website, but I'm very interested in what you are doing.  Can't wait to learn more as you participate here.

Happy New Year All!

I am an Algebra 1 teacher at Florida Virtual School.  Bb Collaborate is the corporate standard for communicating with our students.  I, and most teachers, use this product for Live Lessons for students that are struggling; and for coolaboration sessions required by our curriculum.

This product is especially usefull for the math teachers, as students can see the solution to the problem explained to them.

I suppose I should tell you about FLVS.  Florida Virtual School is an public online school for middle and high school aged youth.  We offer the full state of Florida curriculum plus courses not offered (eg. Chinese) by the brick and morter schools, free of charge, to residents of the state of Flordia.  Florida offers educational choice, so if a parent pays taxes, they can use FLVS for a full-time option or individual courses.  It's pretty cool!

I am attempting to make my sessions more engaging by adding video clips and music.  The white board is flat and there is not much animation available, so I want to use music, but cannot figure out how to play music in Elluminate Live.  Who can help?


Hi, Carolyn!  Glad to have you here.  I'm a big fan of FLVS. :)

I play music by using the webtour feature.  I built a free webpage at (you could use any service for this part) and then I embed a playlist, and that's the music that plays before my live shows.  Here's the actual page I use:  Hope that helps!

Hello all,

I work at a small community college and last fall we purchased 10 Collaborate licenses for a "trial year" of Collaborate.  We Run Bb Learn, but a pretty thin version of it. I am looking for ideas for use in all types of courses and various ways to use it. This last semester most of our folks used it for office hours and some Q&A sessions. One instructor used it for a debate. That was pretty unique. 

Steve, when I sent this site to the Collaborate users here I told them a bit about LearnCentral and the many amazing interviews and presentations that happened in that space. Really amazing! Thank you! Great work and I look forward to participating here and seeing where we go!

Fun to be in a Ning space again. 

Thanks, Todd.  I appreciate the compliments!  I'm glad you feel good about being in Ning--I am very comfortable with the platform because of my previous work with them and my networks.  Most of my interviews can be found at :)

Hi everyone and Happy New Year!

I like this new interface and my new/old vRoom. I've been using Elluminate for several years as a member of the Webheads community and an originator of Webcasts from the Electronic Village at the past several TESOL Conventions for the Computer-Assisted Language Learning Interest Section.

Elluminate has also come in handy for my distance course on Computer-Assisted Language Learning for the past several years, as I hold chats with the participants two or three times during the course and have the participants conduct peer reviews of their Wiki projects. Having access to such a room has become an invaluable component of the course.

Thank you for making this venue available and for having a group to discuss our experiences with!

Great to hear about what you do, Christine, and to have you here.


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