The elluminate page has changed and has made it difficult for us to log in. please reply to this message just to ensure that we are together


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Since we got disrupted tonight, would you like us to have another tutorial sooner before Thursday? I just feel that we need to talk in a much more coherent way, especially as we start a new book


Can we meet on the weekend or early next wee?

I agree June.  I'm totally lost here or am missing something.  The navigation and comments are not structured - they are all over the place.  do you perhaps have notes on exactly how we join your group?

Good question Susan. This is what I will be trying to establish in the mean time. At the moment is it very difficult to follow my communication and your responses. I'm glad though that we could talk. I'll send a message on the TGF on the guide and request all of you that we meet again soon before Thursday, just so we can recap properly and prepare going forward

Thank you for that.  I think at the moment it is a waste of time to carry on like this.  Thank you for your effort though, appreciated!

Hi June

I trust the rest of the year will be much better than this evening1

I know and the trick is that it looks like I have to respond to you individually rather than the group


Hear hear!


have you seen my latest response to you?


ok, cool. I'll send a message on the TGF to suggest another day for us to meet


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