"the <ppt> file type is not supported for loading" blackboard

I'm new to Blackboard. I'm the moderator. When I try to Load a PowerPoint file I get the message "the file type is not supported for loading. Would you like to distribute this file to ALL participants, using File Transfer instead?"



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PPT files are definitely supported.  Make sure PPT is closed (the application) and if you still have trouble, reach out to our Support organization.


Use the Contact Technical Support option to open a ticket using a webform.

Hi Valerie,

I just want to note here, that during the last 8 months, I got a bunch of such error reports from my customers in Central Europe. It often was caused by

  • Collaborate does not support MS Office 2013
  • Collaborate´s access to Powerpoint requires local administrator privileges users might not be granted
  • It seems to be a bad idea having installed Powerpoint Viewer in parallel

Nevere seen this amount of user trouble with Powerpoint conversion in all the years before.
This increase should be forcing Collaborate support to provide more details on the knowledgebase how to solve this kind of error.

Best regards


German Collaborate Support & Professional Services
DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)

Apparently you can't have BOTH MS Office AND LibreOffice installed.

I resolved this problem by uninstalling LibreOffice and then Repairing Installation of Office 2007. I'm on Windows 7. (I think this is it http://support.microsoft.com/kb/924614.)

It took a long time to finally resolve this problem. A technician I worked with uninstalled and then reinstalled Libre Office and fiddled with Java a lot. But it didn't occur to either of us that the was the fact that both were installed at the same time that caused the problem.


Hi Tom,

We've found the most common cause for this error is that there are two version of MS PowerPoint installed on your computer. Removing one version (and depending on the version of MS Office installed on the computer, running the diagnostics tool) resolves the issue.

Installing OpenOffice generally works if MS Powerpoint does not work when loading the slides.


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