Hi, I am a teacher at a virtual academy and I was looking for other teachers using Blackboard Collaborate  to share whiteboard files with.  Is there any place out there already created for teachers who use whiteboards?  Desperately trying not to reinvent the wheel every day!  :)

Thank you for any help you can offer.


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I know this thread is getting long in the tooth, but since we moved to a slightly different domain, I wanted to post an update on how to get our wbds. It is actually much easier now since on the new server we decided to make a specifically public files section, no Moodle account and log in required for these files. To get them, go to http://www.virtualhomeschoolgroup.org/vhsgfiles/. That is the root level of our public files section. You will see folders divided out by subject area and then topics. Most, but not all, of our courses have run live in Collaborate, so the vast majority of the topics will eventually lead to a folder called "Published". In that will be the folder named wbd where you can get the wbd file. If you use Chrome it might want to run the file instead of download it. If that happens, you can use "save target as" then name the file and use the .wbd extension. There are easily over 1000 K-12 wbd files in our project files. Enjoy.


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