One of my biggest disappointments with Collaborate (and there are many) is the limited in-class polling feature.  With Wimba you could do a decent in-class poll and the summary would appear in graph form and also allow written (open ended) responses.  With Collaborate you get a "forced response" for up to five answers ... basically useless, in my opinion.  One person suggested using the quiz feature but I found that cumbersome and not really applicable to this situation.  Any ideas?  thanks!

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Hi David

I have no insights ito Wimba, but Collaborate´s other predator ElluminateLive (now missing some great and unique Elluminate features...).

Are you aware of Collaborate´s Plan! tool ?

I use scripting to define quests as a compound of several actions to be executed by a few clicks.


- show a slide with options (meaning of a,b,c ..) and enough free space lft for result graph (and optionally free text entries)

- define the poll type

- opening the poll

- send instruction to the chat

If free text answeers are intended,  I give global whiteboard permissions to enable students for fre text entry on the slide

 (sadly not scriptable in Plan!)


- close the poll

- throw result to the whiteboard

- post a thanks message to chat

Well, it needs some prep in advance, but people like it

After all, this slide with poll results and contributions should be stored (PDF preferred) to hand over those contributions to the class (just in time by file transfer or via LMS)

My 2ct



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