Has anyone figured out how to convert recordings and keep the view that you get with just the link?

We are working on cleaning up our SAS and want to be able to keep some of our recordings but remove them from the SAS storage. However, if we convert to MP4 you only get audio and whiteboard. Anyone know how to convert and keep the natural file view?

Thanks in advance - Allison Hamilton

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Hi Allison,

see my latest post here

Publish! is the tool you may want to save unplugged recordings.

This enables you to playback exactly the same from a local file. File format will be .JAR

You may need to define the program able to open JAR files. You find the proper Java executable program in your Java programs folder. On Windows machines, the name of the program is


Select "always" to enable start of that program each time you click on a JAR file downloaded from Collaborate SAS by use of Publish!.

Good luck for cleaning your SAS


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