Collaborate has a lot going for it and I was seriously considering it for our new online courses BUT a couple of issues really let it down!

1. Audio quality is really poor with a lot of background noise. I presume it's being compressed heavily for internet streaming but to me it's unusable. I've been trying to run my audio through skype alongside collaborate as it's much better but the downside of this is trying to manage two different systems simultaneously. This can be confusing enough on my end but when you consider all the attendees having the same set up it gets crazy!

Another problem with this of course is that recordings won't work as the audio is separate.

I've been an audio engineer for over 20 years so I know a lot about how to get good audio but if anyone has any ideas or solutions I'd really appreciate it.

2. Secondly, not as big a deal as the audio but it's really annoying when you use web browsing, switch to a white board and then you come back an the web page is gone. Wouldn't it be easy to 

incorporate a way of storing/bookmarking the visited web pages?

Sorry to be so negative about what is a very good system but I really need the system to be top notch in all departments.

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Thanks again Tammy,

When I consider it, it makes more sense to link up via Skype first and then open the Collaborate session. Another advantage of this set-up is that in the event of a crash or other issue, communication is still open until the issue can be resolved. Having said that, I find Collaborate to be very stable.


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