Adding a repository program for users of is built on the platform, and one of the apps that can be added is for the service. has a free/personal plan that allows up to 5GB of storage.  So, I added this feature and am interested in seeing how it works for you.

Hover your mouse over "Members" and click on "Repositories."  I think will allow you to sign up, and then be able to create folders and save files there.  What I don't know is if you can make a folder "public" so others can access it--I'm not sure if handles that, or if there would be any way to display that folder here. 

Experiment and let me know!

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OK, I actually think this is going to work!  I went to the repositories page once I had the free account, and from there I created a folder.  Now, I can create as many folders as I want, but I used the link to go to, and clicked on "share" to share the folder, took the embed code, and placed that code in the text box on my profile page her on the network.  You can see the results here:

Hi Steve,

I was going to try to add some of the Whiteboard Warehouse .wbd files here, but when I hover my mouse over "Members" in the left panel nothing happens.  Am I missing something?

It's the "Members" in the top menu.  When you put your mouse over it, you don't see the sub-menus?

So, I just checked the page that is supposed to have (and previously had) the link to, but I'm getting an error message.  When I go to Ning's app page, the links don't resolve...  Was it working yesterday for you?  I hope it's just a tech glitch today, and not a long-term problem!

No, I got the same error message and meant to tell you but got busy...sorry.  It sounds like a good idea though so please keep me in the loop if it gets resolved. 

I was working on a repository for the Whiteboard Warehouse .wbd files on CourseSites but will hold off a bit to see if this will work.

OK, I'll make a note to check on this over the next few days and get back to you.

Hi Sharri - did you decide where to put your WBD Warehouse yet?

The feature seems to be working again (bottom of front page).  Sharri--let me know if you are able to see/access it.

I will post what I am seeing in the box ...

I tried my e-mail and Ning password, but that didn't work. Do you have to register somewhere maybe?

I went to and signed up for their free personal account level. I will give that a try as soon as the confirmation e-mail makes it through.

I am signed up and the account is confirmed. I can sign in to my own account. It shows that I can set up collaborators, I would guess that is how you could share files. I will poke around to see if there is a way to set the folder to public. I would think if you could get a public folder and shared the link to that it could be used as a group repository for wbds.

I couldn't find a way to just set it to public. It may be that collaborators would need to be added manually. I did see an 'embed in your site' option as well as an RSS feed (nice). I bet the Box embed on the main page is the same embedding that they are talking about at Box.

Thanks, Tammy.  I don't appear to have any control whatsover over the functionality. I can place it on the front page, that is all--I can't change the messaging you've taken a picture of, nor can I find any way to "provision" any users with a Box account. 

When you are logged into WeCollaborate, and also logged into, do you see the public folder that I created for the network?

No, even with being logged in to both, it is showing my own box net. I am thinking that you would have to one-by-one add us all as viewers or collaborators for it to be seen and editable in our views. :(


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